Strategic Planning
At Mosaic Cross-Cultural Solutions, we offer four strategic pillars aimed at driving culture change: Strategic Planning, Leadership Development, Change Management and Education & Training.
Developing a strategic EDI plan is a critical step in the cultivation of an inclusive workplace. Strategic plans outline your short-term or longer term goals EDI goals. Regardless of which plan you choose, Mosaic Cross-Cultural Solutions is your trusted partner in the development of a strategic plan (SP) that senior leaders can use to guide your EDI projects with HR personnel, managers, staff and external stakeholders. We provide expertise for new and experienced leaders throughout the planning process and will work with you from conceptualization to implementation of the plan.

Leadership Development

  • We provide support to leaders responsible for EDI.
  • We work with leaders to develop EDI strategic plans aimed at driving inclusion and belonging in the workplace.
  • We support leaders with existing EDI initiatives and will help them develop strategies to initiative and implement new projects.